Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rolled into Aukland...

Sato Ame Dad and me all good so far.  Good flight for the most part, just got in this morning.

here is the link to the main site for the worlds stuff:

I believe they'll have all sorts of updates, and even live video feed of the many races going on.  Mine isn't till Monday the 22nd, and we are a day ahead here.

Will find out more as we get settled in.

First day in Auk...

Dang its cold!  Cold winds, cold water, cold air...  Hmmm.  This is gonna be a test.

Got in at 6am after 14hrs aloft.  Dad sat elsewhere on the plane, lucky him.  Ame was pretty good but had a meltdown when she was sleepy and the steward said she had to be sitting a certain way on my lap.  Try that with a freaking out 8 month old, it's like clutching a greased pig.

Had a walkabout today - fun city - but pricey - 20 bucks for a burger?  Yikes.  Lots of Americas cup 12 meter boats around here, its the city of sails!

Built my bike and went for a spin, very close to crashing when getting hammered by the crazy winds here.  I missed crashing into a parked truck by millimeters while going about 50 kph.  Crickey!  Cycling is dangerous...

Our hotel - the Quadrant - is nice, but we got a smokey room that faces the building about 10 feet away from our window.  Hmmm...  They sprayed some febreez on the carpet but it still stinks of smoke.  We are both feeling slightly ill from that.

Its 9pm here and we haven't had dinner yet.  Busy evening with shopping and stuff.  Groceries are a little weird - figuring out the kiwi names for familiar products...

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