Random Money Shots from 2011

Overall winners at Tri of Compassion.  Brent L. and I tied for first.  We started in different heats and when they looked at the over times later we had the same time, to the second.  As it was a stopwatch event, not a timing chip race, they couldn't break it down finer and gave us both the win! :~)

The new P4 direct from Speed Theory's store window.  Bought end of season for some extra speed in the Kelowna Apple Race.  Now I just gotta upgrade my wheels...

 3 amigos of VEC at Sri Chinmoy/ Self Transcendence Tri.  Chris (R) in duathlon, Me in sprint race, Jon in Oly distance.

 Chris took the win in the Du, which was BC champs.

I won the AG, while my good buddy Wayne came a close second.

Meggie sporting a first place ribbon at an awards ceremony.

Jumping in for a warm up at one of the many pool swim tri's.

Jon and I chillin' at Sri Chinmoy