Saturday, September 17, 2016

The 2016 wrap up

And what a solid 2016 it was:

1. Cultus Lake Spring Triathlon
Sprint Distance, Overall Win

2. North Shore Triathlon
Overall win

3. Ambleside Mile - 4:49
7th Overall, 1st masters

4. Longest Day 5k UBC - 17:19
11th overall, 2nd masters

5. Turner Valley Triathlon (Alberta)
Overall win
(Note: first place on this link is an uncorrected error by the timing company)

6. BC Duathlon Championships @ UBC
2nd overall, First Masters

7. BC Sprint Tri Championships @ Self Transcendance Triathlon 
2nd overall, 1st Masters

8. Glotman Simpson Cypress Challenge - 35:26
61st Overall, 7th Age group, (PB to powerlines at 32:36)


9. Americas Masters Games
Sprint Triathlon, Overall Win

10. Vancouver Triathlon, Sprint,  Stanley Park
Overall win


11. Whistler Gran Fondo - 3:31:00
32nd Overall 
(chip fail, not on the official timesheet, timing company refused to add despite Garmin file)

12. Just Giver 4PD TT 16km - 22:27
2nd Overall
(not chipped)

Big thanks to my partners in speed: 
KJ, Speed Theory Vancouver, Academy Tri Club and VFAC!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Vancouver Triathlon Sept 5, 2016

Just 2 days after the Masters Games Triathlon at Spanish banks, I was thinking to maybe sleep in and skip this race, but I'd already entered - and at the urging of my friend Kelly - psyched myself up to hit it hard again right away.

Here is today's race summary:

12 degrees.  Cold and dark, sky was thinking seriously about rain but somehow it didn't do more than spit.

Huge transition and what looked like a thousand bikes.  There are many hundreds competing in the sprint, standard and  Tri-it distances.  

We started in the last wave of athletes so lots of time to mill about and check things over.

Had a bit of time to kill counting down the last 5 minutes.  Announcer was hard to hear and busy calling names of the athletes exiting swim from earlier waves.

I was practising sprinting in and dolphin diving and was walking back in when 'go' happened - and a hundred guys charged past me running into the water.  Arg!  Did a quick 180 and hit it.

Good swim?  Passed by many initially, but by the first bouy I started passing everyone back again.  I drafted off Stan L (thanks Stan!) a bit then passed a few more and came out near the front.  

I ran up the beach and yanked down my wetsuit : Arg! problem! 

Clever me thought my Tri suit was a little tight so I left the back zipper unzipped.  Besides it was under my wetsuit so it didn't matter, right?   The issue: when I pulled wetsuit down it pulled my Tri suit as well.  I aborted pulling the wetsuit right off (I would've been nude) and untangled the arms and sleeves of wetsuit and Tri suit.   Lost extra ~ 30 seconds before running out of transition 1.

Hit it hard on the bike, fully closed Stanley park for a  2 lap TT.  Took a while to remember I could fully apex the road.  Kept around 275 average with 300+ on hills.  Passed hundreds? on course.

T2 went better, smooth in and smooth out - and they had a lead biker to escort me - sweet!!

Some hills on the run as it crossed centrally through Stanley park.  Run was..a bit slow feeling?   Lead bike got a bit lost looking for the turnaround - and I had to stand around waiting for 30 seconds or a minute while he checked the route!  Was a a little freaked out about the time loss!

Luckily I had a good buffer on second place and it didn't matter!

Cruised back the mostly downhill run back to finish - overall win!  Sweet!!

Goose pace line :

While my family opted for a sleep in, this dad scored a sweet sign:

Post race warmup fluids here:

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