Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sept to Jan = The base season starts!

Well... the last 'A' race is done!

Now for a "relaxing" Sept to Jan of base building and ~maybe~ some strength work.

My goals last year were picked out way back in Jan 2011:
1. Points leader for the Triathlon BC Race series
2. A high overall finish in the Kelowna Apple Nationals at the end of August

and so... the 2011 season in review:

May 22 Island Runner Team X Westshore Sprint Triathlon
3rd overall and 1st Age Group

May 23 North Shore Spring Sprint Triathlon
3rd overall and 1st AG

June 19th Iron Mountain Triathlon
2nd overall and 1st AG

July 3rd Triathlon of Compassion
Tied (!) for 1st Overall

July 31st Self Transcendence Triathlon - BC Sprint Champs
2nd Overall and 1st AG

August 21st Kelowna Apple Triathlon - Canadian National Short Course Championships
1st Overall

... and winning the points series: check the Men 40-44 group... (yes, I'm that old)
Perfect 2011 season - better than I had hoped for!

Tentative goal next year: Triathlon World Chamionships in New Zealand!

Thanks to my sugoi and supportive wife Satoko and Coach PC + VEC teamates!

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