Wednesday, August 23, 2017

First half half... Half?


Well, it doesn't sound as good put that way...  
How about: 7th, in men 40-44!
Nope nope nope.  I think that sounds equivalent in weakness.  
Ok: ignored pace, ran comfortably for most of it, and PB'd easily - sounds winning! 

Start line late arrival was fine.  Except had to really push to get close to the front.  Almost got made to go to the back again after jumping out of line!

This is a competitive race!!  probably ~50 did the first 10K in under 36 minutes.  I was dead slow doing a 38 minute first 10.  

Crazy pretty as fog lifted and sun reflected up off the sea.  As usual the little bumps here and there killed my splits.  Paul M on seawall watching gave a thumbs up!  

By about 14k my legs were getting tired but could still bounce at full speed.  Tank feeling empty tho'.

Gravel loop on lost lagoon was killer.  Passing lots here.

Last hill under Granv Bridge was a killer, brief drop to 4:40 pace, Argh!

Emptyied tank in last km, almost caught another guy in last few meters.

All done and time to eat!!

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